Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Been a Year ...

It's been a year since I've written in my blog. It's a shame that I have not made the time to update the blog. It's been an intense year. Since my last post much has happened. I had a tremendously busy summer, traveled to 10 different states in 10 consecutives weeks to coach volleyball. I had the opportunity to meet the most amazing folks and enjoyed the places I got to go. Going back to Maine was fantastic. Tall green trees and the humidity of the ocean alwasy remind me of Brazil, but perhaps the most beautiful place I got to go to was Truckee, CA. Loved it all. The forest, the lakes, and most definitely the people. Lake Tahoe is the place to go: clear fresh water that looks like the ocean.

Summer Olympics went great for the Brazilian girls. After the devasting loss to the Russians (or should I say Gamova) in the 2004 Athens Olympics, they came out strong in Beijing. The Brazilian girls led by Fofao, kicked everybody's butts and claimed the gold medal for the first time in the history of Brazil women's volleyball !!!!! I was in New York City that day, unable to watch the match, I kept on calling my parents in Brazil to keep myself updated on the match. And we won! Afterso much criticism and disbelief, Fofao lifted the trophy as tears rolled down the girls' faces. It felt like closure.

The boys didn't do so well. I guess a silver medal isn't so bad. The problem is that they lost to the United States! Two volleyball powerhouses ... Better for the Americans on that day. Good to see my former coach Ryan Millar, but not so good see Giba struggling to make through his block.

I got back to Utah after camps and quit the BYU volleyball team. One the hardest things I've had to do in my life. Volleyball has been a major part of who I am now. Half of my life was spent in a volleyball court - jumping, hitting balls and forgetting about anything else. I was 12 when I started my volleyball career and 24 when I ended it. In 12 years, I did what I loved and poured my heart in every match I played. In these 12 years, I was told so many times I would never be a volleyball player. But I ignored that and pursued it. My short height didn't stop me from doing what I loved. I took my career to where I wanted to be --- got a college scholarship, moved the States, and changed my life. I made something out hardships. I shot for the stars, worked hard, learned the lessons life had to teach me. Volleyball opened up many doors and I was not afraid to go in.

There is a feel of accomplishment when I look back. Even though I decide to end my career before I was actually done with my elegibility, it felt like mission accomplished. I needed to step out of the volleyball court, watch volleyball from the sidelines and move on with my graduation plans, with my life.